About Me

Born and raised on the westside of Chicago. Adopted at the age of 10 and started styling my own hair as my guardians did not know how to manage my thick, long, and curly hair. I taught myself how to braid my own hair and became known as the "Hood braider". I braided almost everyone's hair in my neighborhood. I then realized I had a passion for hair. I later took my skills into learning hair extensions. I became a custom wig designer about 8 years ago to switch up my look weekly. My custom wigs then became desired by my clients and a few years later B.A.E. Hair Extensions LLC was born. B.A.E. stands for my full name Beverly Ashley Early. I later learned that the medical wigs on the market did not do a good job with serving black women and men. After researching the market and gaining our NPI (national provider identifier), we then focused our wigs to serve women and men of color battling cancer. This gives black men and women the option to shop for custom medical wigs that looks more becoming of them. Providing this service to close  the gap in the medical beauty field has been an honor and a blessing to me and our clients. We look forward to continuing to fix or close in any gaps needed in our industry to better serve our community!